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Web Auction

Web Auction is a si
mple auction designed for organizations or individuals who want to hold an aucti
on. It is not like Ebay in the sense that only admins can add products. Products
can have pictures, price, minimum bids, bid imcrements, and more.
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Setting up an auction with Web Auction is quick and simple. You can either host the auc tion on your own web server or set up your own auction on our servers for free. You have full control over your auction. You can create your own categories, s et the start and end dates for your auction, select a custom header and footer, and enter the product categories that you want to have in your auction.

Once the auction is installed and set up, you can begin adding products immedi ately. Each product can have a minimum bid, open and close date, a photo, and a preferred bid increment associated with it.

Users of your auction can browse the products that are up for auction and submit bids. The winner will r eceive an email when the auction is closed with instructions on how to proceed.


Simple Administration Interface
Web Auction includes a simple web-based administration console to control every asp ect of your auction from look & feel to user accounts.
Start/End times
You can choose a default start and end time for your auction. These times wi ll be applied to all products added to the auction, however, you can override th ese times on a per-product basis also.
Bid Increments
Specify bid increments (h ow much each successive bid should increase) on an auction-wide or per-product b asis.
Brows e by Category
You can create categories for your auction. You can a ssign zero or more categories to each product, and Users are able to browse the products in your auction by category.
Product Images & Descriptions
You can upload an image and enter a description for each product.
Watc h List
Users can easily keep track of products on which they have pl aced bids by monitoring their watch list.
Email Notifications
Users are no tified by email whenever they are outbid on a product. Users are also notified when they win an auction. Administrators can enable notification also to receiv e email when bids are placed and when auctions are closed.
Administrative Reporting
Administrators can easily see the current status of the a uction by viewing Web Auction's administrative reports.

Requ irements

PHP 4.3 or higher
MySQL 4.1 or higher

L icense

GNU Public Li cense

Installation Instructions

You have 2 options for setting up an auction with Web Auction:

  1. Download the package and install it on your own web server.
  2. Create a new auction on our servers for f ree.

Download/Install Instructions

  1. Download the latest tarball.
  2. Extra ct the files into a directory on your web server where you want your auction to reside.
  3. Point your web browser to the directory where you instal led the files, and follow the instructions.

Hosting Auction on our Servers

  1. Complete the ne w installation form.
  2. An auction instance will be created for you. The admin password will be the same as your user account for this site. You can then log in and configure your auction. You can customize the header, f ooter, and CSS styles for the auction to make it match your own site's look and feel.


If you have any questions , please check the message forum. If you wish to con tact the developers of Web Auction directly, you can email webauction-inquiries at weblite dot ca.

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